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Choose any three* of our pure mineral powdered products to sample for only £6. Like our full-sized cosmetics, each of our samples is carefully and lovingly made by hand


How do I select which samples I want?


Step 1

We've tried to take away the guesswork for you, by providing you with a choice of one foundation, one blusher and one concealer to sample. All you have to do is to select the colour you want by clicking on the shade options provided.


Leave the text box blank and proceed to check out.


Step 2

If you do not wish to have one foundation, one blusher and one concealer sample, then please select "None - skip to the next option please!" from the shade options provided.


Using the text box provided below, type in which product and shade you'd like to try. For example, if you wish to sample only foundations then please enter your 3 foundation shade preferences. Proceed to check out as normal.


*Terms and Conditions 

You can only select three different sample shades each per T Minerals Sample Pack i.e. one Malibu Beach foundation, one Gold Rush and one Ceylon Cinnamon. You cannot request two Malibu Beach foundation samples and one Gold Rush sample. 

T Minerals Sample Pack

Foundation Shade